What’s Craziest Realization You’ve Ever Had?

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In fact this is a small quiz on Reddit, we are going to show you some funny or inspiring or wise excerpts from the website.


“There is no reason the alphabet needs to be in any sort of order.”

“I often try to remember my first moment of consciousness and I believe it was when I was 7. I remember distinctly thinking, “I am here and in control.” Everything before that was a blur of random action without thinking of the consequence and not feeling guilt. I didn’t care about making friends up until that point either. I would just wander around on my own. Weird.”

“I’m an adult now and it turns out we are all just as confused as the kids.”

“Let’s say the oldest person in the world is 120. That means 121 years ago there was a completely different set of people on the earth.”

“Those teenagers are annoying as fuck, and I used to be one.”

“My parents were right about most things.”

“Also: I’m turning into my parents.”

“We’re all just really sophisticated chemical reactions.”

“There will always be someone better than me. I am not above average. My best is the result of hard work, sweat, blood, tear, and sleep deprivation.”

And what’s your answer to this question?



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