A Volcano Probably Ruin Japan In The Next Century, Really Stunning

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Scientists at Kobe University expected that Japan could be wiped off by a massive volcanic crater in the next century. The explosion will bring about the killing of 95 percent of country’s 127million people. Because of the Mount Ontake erupts in September killing 51 people, Scientists have more proof to estimate this big disaster. when the volcano erupts, the toxic cloud would make the neighbouring island unliveable.Professors Yoshiyuki Tatsumi and Keiko Suzuki believe that the risk of such an eruption was very rare. But this can’t be ignored. According to the official at theJapan Meteorological Agency’s volcano division, most of those who died in the eruption were hikers and the increased activity could possibly cause the eruption.

Via: Daily Mail

Scientist warn that Japan could be made extinct in the next century by eruption which would kill 95 per cent of the country's 127million inhabitants (pictured, Mount Ontake erupts in September killing 51 people)

Researchers predicted that another eruption on southern island of Kyushu would bury 7million underneath lava flows, while another 120million would die on the neighbouring island of Honshu from ash and dust



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