Underground Makeover for French Metro Station

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Want to make a swimming pool out of an abandoned metro station? Or have a party in an underground night club transformed by an abandoned metro station? Now you get the chance to make it come true. The remains of the Parisian underground could soon be resurrected if city voters play their cards right in the upcoming mayoral elections. Promising candidate, Nathalie Koziuscot-Morizet, who would become the first female to ever hold the post in the capital, has released the first sketches of her plans to reclaim the city of light’s discarded stations.


According to the drawing board we have several proposals to revive the stations from their solitude, including the swimming pool (just imagine doing laps down an old subway track), a theatre (think of the wonderful sound), an art gallery, a restaurant, and a nightclub. Participating architects Manal Rachdi and Nicolas Laisné are only getting started, and these are just a few examples they have come up with.





Take a look at the station’s old face, you will be more marveled at how great their ideas are…


There are eight “phantom” metro stops in Paris that would be fit for resurge, including Champ de Mars, Arsenal, Porte Molitor, Haxo, Croix Rouge, Porte des Lilas, Saint Martin et Martin Nadaudso. The ambitious mayoral candidate Nathalie Koziuscot-Morizet has also proposed plans for reviving the inner city railway–the Little Belt (Petite Ceinture), which was abandoned in 1934.


You can come up with your own little creative idea for turning the City of Light into a better one. Just tweet your suggestion to Nathalie Koziuscot-Morizet.

Pictures Via NK Paris and RATP/20minutes.



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