Touching Moment Police In Philadelphia Rescued Pluto The Pup That Had Been Stuck In Mud For Three Days

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Dogs are our best friends, they are our best companion. I can imagine how worried Pluto’s owner must have been when he called police after becoming distressed about his whereabouts. Police officers found Pluto in mud near a stream and they jumped straight in to save him. Then he was taken to Sugartown Veterinary Hospital where he was treated. This is so incredible, the two policemen are just so brave and brilliant saving Pluto like that, and we are so happy that the poor god was rescued and is back home! Scroll down and learn this story, share with us your opinion.


Neck-deep: The poor pooch was struggling to keep his head above the mud when officers foun him


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Weakened: The police officers load Pluto onto a plank to carry him to safety


Recovery: Pluto rests, still muddied from his three-day ordeal, at the veterinary clinic


Subdued: Pluto at home recovering after being released from the vet


Home safe: Pluto and a little friend at safe and sound at home

Via: Daily Mail


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