Top 10 Worst Way to Die

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10  Starve to Death

Though our body can live for a surprising 60 or so days without food, it is just horrible to live life without food, since eating , for the majority of us, is perhaps the happiest thing in any day.

Without any food, our body starts dangerous symptoms within a week. The liver is the first to be affected and will release toxins that are harmful. Without a month, your body weight will be 18% less than your starting weight. Then, your body will consume its own muscle and organs to survive. Just imagine how intolerable to feel starved for such a long time!

Top 10 Worst Way to Die

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9  Adrift at Sea

Adrifting at sea may at least leave you with a glimmer of hope that some passing ship can find you. But you soon find how desperate it is after reading all the tales of those lost at sea, among whom some people didn’t even have a boat and were just bobbing in water. There may be a shark that attacks you, there will be starvation and there will be hypothermia. There will be endless awful possibilities.

Adrift at Sea

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8  Fall into Volcano

You must have the delusion that you are already dead before you can blink if falling into a volcano. But the fact is, if you fell into a volcano, you would possibly not be swallowed like a rock threw into the water, and instead, you would land on top of the lava, and burst into flame.

Fall into Volcano

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7  Human Sacrifice

Think of the Incan tradition of human sacrifice, which involves a chief’s child and is hold on an Andes summit. Archaeologist can’t give our definite answer as to how painful the death is to the victims. According their skull fractures, they were at least knocking out before they died of ritual. But just think of the thrilling nature of the sacrifice process is horrible enough.

Human Sacrifice

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6  Plane Crash

Remember the sense in the thriller Final Destination? Depending on the circumstances, the passengers may remain conscious during the entire process. The plane is literally — and unstoppably — carrying its passengers to their probable deaths, and of this they are all totally aware.

Plane Crash

5  Eaten by Animals

Some animals are cute, but some can kill you and eat you. We will skip lions and tigers, and mention the jaguars. These animals do not suffocate you, but bite your bones with their sharp and long canies, and what’s worse, they bite your brain.

Eaten by Animals

4  Crushed to Death

In the late 19th century, there is a kind of execution by elephant. No, they will not eat you, but they murder you, by crushing. In that execution, the criminal was pushed to kneel and place head on a stone, then the elephant crushed his head with a foot.

Ok, dying instantly after the crush may sounds a relief under this situation, but what if only an appendage has been crushed and you have to die after a period of time?

Crushed to Death

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3  Freezing to Death

Our body freezes gradually, so we die gradually. The long moments before it all ends is just miserable. Your body temperature plunges. Your body’s organs and responses are so slowed. Luckily, you do lose consciousness at some point.

Top 10 Worst Way to Die

2  Torture

We will cite the Persian Empire as an example. In one kind of torture, the victim is required to stay in a room filled with ash. After some days, the victim’s lungs will be filled with ash and they will suffocate to death. This is just a mild torture, in the “Tub” torture, the victim has to lie into a covered wooden tub, only his head out. Then his face will be painted with honey and milk to feed the swarming flies. In the whole process, the victim will be fed regularly. Soon when he has to lie in the filthy-turned water, the maggots will hatch, and finally devour his body…


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1  Embarrassed to Death

This way to death surely deserves the top rank on this list. Of course to really die from embarrassment is possible: when we are overly anxious and stressed, a surge of adrenaline may come into the blood stream and kill you. Another embarrassment that can kill is different from the common embarrassment, and it happens when we are too afraid or shy to get treatment or seek medical help for health problems that we are ashamed of.

Die of Embarrassment

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