Tons Of Bees In Garage, What Would That Be Like? Here Is The Removal Process You Probably Never Seen Before.

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Kind of disturbing, the pictures below show the removal of approximately 60,000 of freeloaders.

Check this out!

Bee Guys

bee removal

“After about a year, it’s a bittersweet moment saying goodbye to my house guests–all 60,000 of them (estimated, according to the size of the hive and duration of their stay). His bees will be relocating to an organic citrus grove in the Inland Empire. Bye, guys!”

9:31 AM

bee removal

“The bee guys just gave me two gallon sized bags of honeycomb. (They’re still working in the garage, though.) Friends who have supported me through the bee ordeal will be invited to taste some (after he strain it, per the bee-guys’ instructions.)” 9:42 AM “Something CRAZY is going on his garage!!! The bees are making FURIOUS sounds in there. I’m scared to take a look”.

9:49 AM – Holy shit.

bee removal

“The bee guys sent me this photo of the hive. They insisted on removing all of it lest future bees come and want to reuse the combs.” 10:30 AM “It sounds like they’re doing construction in the garage. This either means they’re going through beams to get at more honeycomb that’s tucked away (yikes!) or they’re reconstructing his ceiling and putting things back together.” 10:47 AM “The construction noises have abated, but all the smoke to calm the bees has set off one of his fire alarms. At least I know they’re working.” 11:20 AM “About a dozen bees have exploited some security defect in his house and have infiltrated the lower floors. When he tried to go out his front door, he saw another four bees flying toward me, so he closed it and came upstairs. The bees are pretty small (obviously) and don’t show up well in distance footage. He is not willing to get close enough to record them without a bee suit.”

12:02 PM

bee removal

“The ‘construction’ sounds have resumed in the garage. Meanwhile, in order to clear the downstairs of the smokey smell, he tried to open the sliding glass door—ONLY TO DISCOVER A BUNCH OF BEES ON THE HANDLE. Without the flash they actually really blend in well. He almost touched some as he was trying to open the lock.” 12:30 PM “he hear ‘vacuuming’ sounds now; he think they’re trying to suck up all the smoke. When I opened the door to the garage, he saw about 4 or 5 dozen now-homeless bees just flying back and forth.”

Box Full o’ Bees + The Vent

bee removal

“Into the box, they put the queen and the nurse bees, the youngest bees, which can’t fly. The older worker bees then follow the queen. I think that mass of bees around my vent is looking for the queen (hence the ladder, which elevates the queen, thereby making her easier for the workers to smell/locate).” The bee guys patched up the roof and put everything back together. The extraction cost $800, and they took away ~60,000 non-rent-paying freeloaders. There are still at least a hundred bees flying around the garage that could sting me.

The bee guys  said: “I don’t have access to comment. Please post that we opened the ceiling, removed the bees alive, cleaned it all, screened the vent, and put the ceiling back together. Took 6 hours.”

Source: Reddit



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