Things You Should Do In Summer, Here Are Some Awesome Plans!

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Summer is right here, and I have tons of plans to realized, and here are parts of them! (Via: Dose)

1. Go to an open mic night and let your inner rockstar shine

Sing or die.

2. Create an at-home spa for you and some friends

Just relax.

3. Have a potluck dinner with friends or family

Enjoy the summer sunshine.

4. Have a picnic in the park. Buy some good wine or craft beer and enjoy the great outdoors

Summer is all about outdoor activities.

5. Have a movie marathon. 

I might have movie marathon all summer.

6. Set up a wine and book club for all of your wino friends that love to read

But seriously, the aim here is to get really drunk.

7. Find an old croquet set and have a friendly afternoon match

And get all sweaty.

8. Attempt to go fishing

And get absolutely nothing but relaxed body and soul.

9. Have a yard sale! 

Apart from the fun, you probably would make some money.

10. Host a game night!

Bring it on, bitches.

11.Go for a long bike ride. Let your bike take you somewhere you’ve never been.

Life is all about adventure.



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