Shake My Hands And We Are Bffs Now—Lovely Cat

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Recently one blogger posted a photo of him and his car on What’s so funny is its comments below. Take one for example:


WASHINGTON DC — Diplomats from Kittyland have just signed a treaty with Human delegates to cease all military action against the people of Micecronesia. Mice will be free to walk in daylight without fear of interference or violence from cats and kitties, for the first time since the Bubonic Plague.

The treaty came at a price to the humans, however. In exchange, sanctions against belly-scratching hand ambushes have been lifted, and 25 million tons of tuna will be consigned to the Catiphate. Proponents of the treaty claim this is a fair price to pay for a great step forward in the rights of their rodent allies.

House Republicans have severely criticized the administration, positing that the price is too damn high and that mice are ugly, nasty creatures and nobody wants to see them anyway. Majority Leader Eric Cantor commented that the Obama administration is pandering to smaller parties and ignoring the more important and longstanding allies of America, such as Israel.

The Mice are elated to have these new freedoms, said one delegate. Their search for cheese can now be extended and include more portions of the southern Indian Ocean.

When approached for comment, the Cat delegates yawned and glared at us from a distance.”

Look at this adorable photo and try to create your own story about it!



Source:  reddit



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