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2016. Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton 2012. Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney 2008. Barack Obama vs John McCain 2004. George W. Bush vs John Kerry 2000. George W. Bush vs Al...

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We all may meet some word nerds that bore you to death. You’ll never understand what they’re trying to convey, nor will they themselves....

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Donald John Trump Jim Carrey Will Smith Leonardo DiCaprio Miley Cyrus Barack Obama Beyonce Halle Berry Zac Effron Angelina Jolie Demi Lovato Sofia Vergara Justin Timberlake Katy Perry, Ellen DeGeneres , Portia de Rossi Nicole Kidman George Clooney Jennifer Lawrence Simon...

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Don’t believe in what you see for the first time. All these hilarious pictures have double meanings. sharefb oddstufflab oddee blogspot oddstufflab oddstufflab sharefb oddstufflab sharefb blogspot blogspot blogspot blogspot blogspot blogspot oddstufflab blogspot blogspot sharefb oddee oddee oddee sharefb oddstufflab sharefb oddstufflab oddstufflab blogspot

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1. Kirk Alyn Superman (1948) , Atom Man vs. Superman (1950) Kirk Alyn (born John Feggo Jr., October 8, 1910 – March 14, 1999) was an...

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Nate Hill, a 36 year-old self-described performance artist, is recently causing controversy for his photos in which he himself dressed in a tuxedo with...

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Babies are cute, even when they are in these awkward pictures! Check them out! More: 7 World’s Biggest Babies Ever Born imgur via: awkwardfamilyphotos Read More: 7 World’s Biggest Babies...

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I just got amazed! This is what I was thinking: just a piece of wood, numerous nails and strings, then the skyline can go...

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