Photos Before Huge Disasters. You Should Totally Check This Out!

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I might call these the best pictures in the world, because they sure caught some precious moments even the eyes could fail to see some times. (Source: SadAndUseless)

1. Look at the cool guy posing near the poor guy.

2. Omfg, my precious cake!

3. I like how her hair floats.

4. And she was still smiling, way to go!

5. Don’t mess with coca.

6. Oops! 

7. And the boys in front would no longer feel the same.

8. This actually looks stunning! 

9. Look at her confused face. 

10. Cheers! 

11. Man, I don’t want to play with this anymore! 

12. I just enjoy looking at their faces 

13. He looks so damn calm. 

14. I worried about those phones.


16. Focus on the ball, pls.


18. And the lady is the only one who smile in this picture. 

19. Again, I don’t want to play with this anymore.

20. Chicks. 




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