When pets see food, They are just so cute that you want to give them everything they want!

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OMG, they are just so adorable, just look at their lovely face when they see food!

1. OMG, this is must be what heaven is! 

2. Did I say I want turkey? Bring me some serious fish, goddamn it!

Photo by E.L.A

3. Can I…Ugh, can I have just one bite, please?

4. Oh, nothing, just some regular dinner with my buddy!

5. Ummm…This is mine.

6. Is that what I think it is?!

7. I want this, so badly!

8. OMG, is this for me?

9. I don’t know why, but seeing this piece of cookie just make me sad.

10. One tiny bite, I promise!

Photo by Hoga


12. No? I cannot have it?

13. Give it to me, now!

14. -What’s this? – Dumbass, this is our lunch!

15. Drop it ! Drop it!

16. Smell like heaven!

17. I am just checking what this is, I won’t eat it, I promise!

18. Nothing for me? You are a bad, bad person.

Source: sadanduseless



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