A Perfect Match And A Lovable Life—The Corgi And The Baby

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People often say that “dogs are a special kind of pet because you mean the whole world to him.” I guess that’s the reason why we feel so harmonious when we look at these pictures of Wilbur(the corgi) and Claire(the baby).

Claire has got to know Wilbur since the day he was brought from a hospital to their home. They became BFF so quickly: playing toys together, sleeping tight together and even having an emotion therapy together. Wilbur follows Claire everywhere like a guardian angel. Let’s take a look at their lives!

Wilbur is wondering why we human need so much sleep…


Sometimes Claire will tell funny stories to her best friend Wilbur and it seems Wilbur is such a wonderful listener…


And it would be super uncool if you interrupt their story time…


Wilbur: I only give the sweeeeetest kiss to the most important person!


T^T can I have a bite of that orange?? Claire is plump now so she needs to eat less!





Via Buzzfeed / Source: imgur


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