OMG! These 10 Most Crowded Beaches In Europe Make Me Never Want To Go Summer Vacation Again!

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The summer vacation’s coming, and you are ready for the sunshine, the beach, and a good relax. But you sure you’ll have a good time there in the following beaches? Oh Jesus I’d rather stay at home and play balls with my little puppy. (Via)

1. Scheveningen, The Netherlands
the-10-most-crowded-beaches-in-Europe Scheveningen

2. Biscarrosse Beach, France
the-10-most-crowded-beaches-in-Europe Biscarrosse Beach

3. Gros Beach, San Sebastian, Spain
the-10-most-crowded-beaches-in-Europe Gros Beach

4. Weymouth Beach, England
the-10-most-crowded-beaches-in-Europe Weymouth Beach

5. Brighton Beach, England
the-10-most-crowded-beaches-in-Europe Brighton Beach

6. Magaluf, Majorca, Spain
the-10-most-crowded-beaches-in-Europe Magaluf, Majorca

7. Beach of Durrës, Albania
the-10-most-crowded-beaches-in-Europe Beach of Durrës

8. Benirrás Beach, Ibiza, Spain
the-10-most-crowded-beaches-in-Europe Benirrás Beach, Ibiza

9. Bournemouth, England
the-10-most-crowded-beaches-in-Europe Bournemouth

10. Samil Beach, Spain
the-10-most-crowded-beaches-in-Europe Samil Beach



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