This Old Citizen Is A Holocaust Survivor And He Met Someone With The Same Tattoo After Almost 70 Years

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A redditor post some pictures of his grandfather, who is a Holocaust survivor that is currently in Germany for a reunion, he was liberated in 1945, and had never met anyone with the same tattoo as he is until this past weekend.

This old man was 9 years old when he was placed in the camp. And uninformed at the time that he never actually knew where he was when they gave him the tattoo. All he knew is that KL stood for “Konzentrazionslager” which is german for “Concentration Camp”.

This past weekend he found out that he was given the tattoo in the Mielecz concentration camp. He was also told that, in total, only about 1500 people were given this specific tattoo and of those, only between 41 and 60 survived the war.

His story is amazing. Check this out, guys.

a holocaust survivor same tattoo after almost 70 years



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