Now With This DIY Pizza Oven, You Don’t Have To Eat Frozen Pizza Ever!

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Who doesn’t love pizza? I can eat pizza every day, sure it’s convenient to order a take-out pizza, but wouldn’t it be cooler if you grill your own pizza with your own DIY pizza oven? I am so exciting just by thinking of this! This guy on Imgur has construct this pizza oven with his father in their backyard, this must be what awesomeness look like! Damn it, now I want a pizza so much!

Final product

some IKEA lights were added to creative some festival mood

DIY pizza oven

The beginning

Their house has a “dirt slope”, and the dug a hole into it.

DIY pizza oven2

They built with some wooden planks the mold. Added concrete and let it dry for 1 week.

DIY pizza oven3

DIY pizza oven4

Added a second layer with some steel for stability.

DIY pizza oven5

These little pipes should remove water from the foundation.

DIY pizza oven6

With a plastic cup, they created an assembly point for the rain .

DIY pizza oven7

The “core” were bought at a local mason-shop and moved all the stuff on their foundation. (Weight: approx. 400 kg / 880 lb)

DIY pizza oven8

Built it together to see if it fits.

DIY pizza oven9

They laid town all arc parts on the ground and draw a template on some wood. Built it together with more concrete.

DIY pizza oven10

With their template on the wooden arc, it was simple and easy to assemble those bricks to an arc.

DIY pizza oven11

They put nails in every layer of mortar to create a connection to the main layer of concrete on top of the dome

DIY pizza oven12

Some layers of insulation.

DIY pizza oven13

Next layer is a thin aluminium foil.

DIY pizza oven14

Then the first layer of concrete.

DIY pizza oven15 (2)

Chimney is pretty straightforward.

DIY pizza oven16

Semi-done, but could already be used.

DIY pizza oven17

Their LEGO model.

DIY pizza oven18

They cut waste bags into shape and attached them with staples, this could last a few weeks.

DIY pizza oven19

In the meantime, they built tiles out of wooden planks.

DIY pizza oven20

After 9 months, they  have our finished pizza oven.

DIY pizza oven21

DIY pizza oven22

Their first pizza from the oven.

DIY pizza oven23

DIY pizza oven24

DIY pizza oven25

DIY pizza oven26

Awesome, right? Want to build one yourself? Share your feelings with us!



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