Morbidly Obese Cat King Leo Passed Away Around People Who Loved Him

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King Leo, an obese cat who had lost 10ibs since being found abandoned on the side of a road this summer, has died from cardiac arrest. The 10 –year- old Maine Coon cat suffered from inflammatory bowel disease and developed pancreatitis. (via: Daily Mail)

Passed on: King Leo, a cat who weighed 30lbs when he was found on the side of a road this summer, has died

Impressive weight loss: King Leo was down to 21.3lbs (pictured) as of September 8

Weighty matter: LaTisha Lampley, a 34-year-old veterinary technician who adopted the flabby feline in August, had been helping King Leo fight the battle of the bulge

Rigorous routine: Part of the feline's slimming plan involved pounding the water treadmill at a local health center for animals

Family ties: King Leo was embraced by Mrs Lampley (right), her husband Tim (left) and the couple's ten-year-old daughter McKayla (middle)

Sad turn of events: By mid-October, King Leo had become ill with pancreatitis, prompting his owner to set up a GoFundMe page to help pay his medical bills

Tribute: 'Leo was an amazing cat and endured many amazing miraculous odds to be in my life,' Mrs Lampley wrote after the feline's passing

A beautiful life: 'Leo passed away around people who loved him and knew how wonderful of a kitty he truly was,' she added

”People need to realise that although maybe not as bad as a human relative dying – it is nearly as bad. They become part of the family. It is not the same without them. But I often find people don’t take you seriously if you display real upset when a pet dies.”

“If you were a vegetarian, I might empathise with you if your pet died.”



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