If These Moments Are Not Destiny, Then I Don’t Know What They Are.

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Alas, life is full of coincidences, and all those coincidences make our lives so much better. (Via: Dose)

1. This girl is living in her dream

2. When the world’s biggest Twinkie fanatic’s life was made.

3. When Minnie Mouse was extremely disturbed.

4. This proves that nothing is impossible 

5. When this guy’s shirt proved its worth, and then some.

6. When these two Bill Murray’s fans became best friends.

7. When the dude really did abide…and this guy peed a little.

8. When this kid’s life was forever changed.

9. When this kid met Fabio and he did him the absolute greatest favor of all time.

10. So are you going to taco about it or what?

11. When Nicolas Cage didn’t surprise anyone by flying in coach…or being day-drunk.

12. When this guy’s trip to the market became the greatest day of his life.

13. When this Malaysian family and a random dad all got the memo.

14. When this kid’s Basic Instinct was rewarded.

15. When these two soulmates met.



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