Miss Stevens, Nigel Farage’s Mother, The Colorful Naked Calendar Girl Age 74

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Barvara Stevens, 74, is the rather game lady reclining in the roses and lazing by the lavender in a series of risqué calendars to raise money for charity.

Mr Farage said: ‘I’m going to make no comment about it myself.’

But a spokesman for Mr Farage said: ‘Nigel is very happy with how much money his mother raises for charity.’ (via: Dailymail )

Making Nigel blush: Barbara Stevens, the Ukip leader's mother, had pink roses painted on her in 2009

Frothy: Miss Stevens, 74, reclines on a chair made to look like a bubble bath in net and feathers

Lavender lover: A rather daring Miss Stevens does a spot of gardening as she poses almost completely naked for a Women's Institute calendar

Spanner in the works: The Ukip leader's mother has appeared in a number of calendars for her local Women's Institute

Mr Farage's half sister Melanie Thomas (pictured posing as Pocahontas in 2009), 43, does not shy away from nudity either

Miss Stevens (centre) appeared as one of the three wise men for a calendar, with a gold gift covering her chest

In 2007 Miss Stevens stood naked behind a piano (centre) while fellow WI members surrounded Father Christmas

Miss Stevens' daughter Melanie,  Mr Farage's half-sister, appeared three times. In 2007 she laid back on a bench and stroked a cat

Whatever,she is raising funds for charity.ian, I might empathise with you if your pet died.”



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