Meet The Flower Guys Of India! They Are The Traders Of Mallick Ghat Flower Market Of Calcutta Shot By A Danish Photographer.

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They are not models at all, but they’ve made these stunning photos with draped flowers. Actually they’re just traders of the flower market which locates in Calcutta. Draped in garlands of cerise and orange hibiscus flowers, they each hold bunches of crimson roses and appear so stoic. “I first went to the flower market during a visit to Calcutta three or four years ago and have wanted to do something on it ever since,” said the Copenhagen-based photographer Ken Hermann, “It’s a beautiful and, at the same time, very stressful place but I was fascinated with it—and the flower sellers in particular. I really like the way they carry their flowers. Sometimes it almost looks like they are wearing big flower dresses. I like that you see these strong and masculine men handling the flowers with so much care as if they were precious jewels.” (Via: DailyMail)

Audience: A vendor has his photo taken - watched by an eager audience

Looking on: A dog sneaks into shot behind a flower seller

Contrast: Herman was struck by the contrast between the masculinity of the vendors and the delicate beauty of the flowers they sold

Masculine: A vendor with a bunch of blooms

Hidden: This man appears to be almost completely covered with palm fronds

Roses are red: A seller shows off his crimson blooms

Delicate: Hermann says he was fascinated by the gentle way the men carried their flowers

Gentle: A seller cradles a bunch of flowers

Colourful: A man with a garlands of yellow hibiscus flowers

Dressed: This man is carrying so many garlands, it resembles a dress

Striking: Birds swoop behind a chrysanthemum seller

Careful: A man carries a bunch of sunflowers

Spectacular: A man carries garlands of orange hibiscus flowers

Palm crown: A man selling palm leaves in Calcutta



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