A Man Happened To Rescue A Malnourished And Weak Kitten. He Swears That It Was The Highlight Of The Year

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Everyone got his sympathy towards little creatures, because they are so cute and lovely. But some of those little things aren’t lucky enough. They don’t get a family, and even don’t get enough to eat. A man has happened to meet a little kitten in his friend’s work site. After a few hours together, he decided to take her home and adopted her. This adventure has been recorded with photos by him with the intention to help more poor animals. It’s really wonderful, even he himself claimed that that day was the highlight of his year.

1. This is the kitten that I met at my friend’s granite shop—-Luna, I named her. She was one of the wandering strays, and looked starving.


2. She was so little, maybe just 2 or 3 months old. And the empty belly made her look even smaller.


3. I bought some cat food from a corner store a few blocks away. She was really starving.


4. That was how she showed gratitude to me. Oh god. It was sweet.


5. Her eyes show a dual color. And this was the first time I saw clearly her face.


6. I never thought that she was such a clingy creature. After a big meal, she began to play with me. That’s how I decided to take her home.


7. She did nothing but ate, ate, ate, ate, when she got home.


8. She claimed her domain of the litter tray the moment she saw it.


9. She liked to be with me.


10. When I took her to a flea bath, she behaved so well.


11. Oh she was such a little thing under the water.


12. When getting rid of the water, she immediately became lively. I thought that she was afraid of that.


13. She liked to cuddle with me.


14. I bet that she has never seen a lap before.


15. It was not long before she fell into sound sleep. It has really been a long day for both her and I. I have never rescue an animal before, nor have I ever thought to. But I swear that today was wonderful, and I felt a sense of contentment and fulfillment that I’ve never had before. Thank her!



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