Look At How Hot They Are When They Decide To Grow Some Beard! Wow!

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The facial hair could really make all the difference, for man, there is always the question, should I have some beard? And your partner may be like, hell no! But after seeing this, I would say, definitely yes! Look at these celebrities, they look much much hotter, I mean…look at Scott Disick, wow! However, just like bangs, beards aren’t for anyone either, some of them are…let’s just say, I’d love to have a shaver right now so let I can help some guys out. I never thought a beard could make anyone look less sexy, and then there is John Hamn, sorry, man. ( via: buzzfeed )

Tom Hardy

1 Tom Hardy

Jake Gyllenhaal

2 Jake Gyllenhaal

Michael Fassbender

3 Michael Fassbender

Shia LaBeouf

4 Shia LaBeouf

Ben Affleck

5 Ben Affleck

Idris Elba

6 Idris Elba

Ashton Kutcher

7 Ashton Kutcher

Ewan McGregor

8 Ewan McGregor

Rob Pattinson

9 Rob Pattinson

Pierce Brosnan

10 Pierce Brosnan

Javier Bardem

11 Javier Bardem

Donald Glover

12 Donald Glover

Jeff Bridges

13 Jeff Bridges

Michael C. Hall

13 Jeff Bridges 14 Michael C. Hall

Paul Rudd

14 Paul Rudd

Jon Hamm

15 Jon Hamm

Scott Disick

16 Scott Disick

Gael Garcia Bernal

17 Gael Garcia Bernal

Zach Galifianakis

18 Zach Galifianakis

Denzel Washington

19 Denzel Washington

Aaron Ruell

20 Aaron Ruell


21 Common

Nick Offerman

22 Nick Offerman

Louis CK

23 Louis CK

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

24 Jesse Tyler Ferguson



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