Do You Know That Zucchini Flowers Could Be A Dish Too? Here Is A Tradition Recipe To Help You Out!

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If you have your own zucchini plants, then today is your lucky day. Because you can enjoy zucchini and the flowers both! But remember, the flowers we are talking here are the male flowers. They are growing out of stems, while the female flowers have small zucchini that are starting to grow. If you pick the female ones, you’ll have no actual zucchini crop, so only pick the males.
And be careful, when you are picking a zucchini flowers, check them for bees! There are always bees inside a closed male flower!
Below is the recipe by a Imgurian, enjoy!

1. Aren’t they beautiful? Well, they are delicious too!

Remember to pick the male one.

tradition recipe Zucchini flowers dish

2. Wash and dry the flowers

Once the flowers are picked, wash them rapidly under cold water and gently pat them dry. Remove the stems and place them to the side.

tradition recipe Zucchini flowers dish

3. The batter

– One cup flour – One cup beer or club soda – Salt and pepper to taste Mix the ingredients together until there are no more chunks of flour (until it looks like batter).

tradition recipe Zucchini flowers dish

4. The stuffing

– One cup ricotta cheese – A couple leaves of fresh basil and parsley, finely chopped – 1/2 cup spinach, finely chopped – Freshly grated Parmesan cheese to taste – Salt and pepper to taste Combine the ingredients in a medium bowl and stir them together. Try some, and add more salt and pepper if you think it’s necessary (just don’t eat it all… trust me, it happens).

tradition recipe Zucchini flowers dish

5. Stuffing the flowers

Open up the flowers and fill each with approximately one tablespoon of stuffing. You could change the amount you use based on your personal tastes or on the size of the flower.

tradition recipe Zucchini flowers dish

6. Fry ’em up!

Firstly, you’ll need to fill up a pan with some vegetable oil (around an inch deep) and turn the stove heat to high. Once the oil is hot, begin battering your flowers. Fully cover the flower in batter and place it in the oil. Leave it on its side for approximately two minutes or until the bottom is golden brown. Flip the flower over and repeat.

tradition recipe Zucchini flowers dish

7.  Enjoy!

Once the flowers are golden brown all over, take them out of the oil, pat dry, and enjoy!

tradition recipe Zucchini flowers dish



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