An International Landmark Destination—Madonna Inn

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A person whose major is hotel management often says that hotels provide you with a home away from home. But for a small part of guests, checking in a new hotel means a brand new experience. Madonna Inn is the exact place designed for them.

Madonna Inn (1)

Madonna Inn (2)

The Madonna Inn is a motel in San Luis Obispo, California. Opened for business in 1958, it quickly became a landmark on the Central Coast of California. The Inn was created by Alex Madonna, a successful construction magnate and entrepreneur, and his wife Phyllis.

Madonna Inn (3)

The well-known motor inn, which includes a restaurant and bakery, is prominently located on the west side of US Route 101 and situated on the lower eastern portion of Cerro San Luis Obispo. The property is adorned with pseudo-Swiss-Alps exterior and lavish common rooms accented by pink roses, Western murals, and hammered copper. Each of the 110 guest rooms and suites is uniquely designed and themed, which makes living in here a memorable experience

The “What’s Left” room


The “Yahoo” Room

“Lucky Rock”


The “Merry Go-round”

“Fabulous Fifties”

The Willheim Tell (a legendary Swiss hero)

“Old Mill”

“Old Mexico”


“Swiss Belle”

“Safari” Room

The “Madonna’s Suite”

“Rock Bottom”

“Paris Violets”

“Gypsy Rock”

“Just Heaven”

And check out “The Steak House” dining room…

Madonna Inn

The “Elegance” room (never have quotation marks been more appropriate)

“American Home”

“Fleur de Lis”

“Golfer’s Room”

“Floral Fantasy”


“Caveman” room

“Irish Hills”

“Hearts and Flowers”

“Country Gentleman”

“Carin” room (a Swiss term of endearment)

“Harvard Square”

Source; Madonna Inn via Messy Nessychic



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