An Injured Bald Eagle Showed Up At The Animal Hospital. Bet Vets Never Expected This!

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Cats, dogs, these are the animals that we can imagine to show up at a animal hospital, but bald eagle? I am sure you don’t get to see them every day. This large bald eagle which they appropriately named Freedom, came in with broken wing one night. He probably hit by a vehicle.

He arrived in a box and was bigger than anyone can ever imagined.


Freedom had an open fracture, which is where the bone breaks and then will break through the skin, causing some blood loss.


They tried to keep him calm and stabilized while the doctor check him.


Thankfully he was pretty calm through the whole time, but is he looks a little sad in this picture?


His giant talons


This is pretty cool that the vet saved a bald eagle, but it is also kind of sad that this supposedly fierce creature was injured so badly. Hope he will recover soon.

Source: imgur



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