Human Walking Program: This Is Not Just About Rescuing The Dog But Also Rescuing People.

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Dogs are waiting in the shelter and waiting to be adopted. That’s what most countries do to save those poor homeless dogs. But the truth is this doesn’t work that much, and people have to think about another way to help them. The Lost Dogs Home of Australia have come up with an idea and launched the “Human Walking Program”, with intention to save those dogs as well as those people from their cubicles and homes. Every day people just sit in the office and never get a fresh breath outside. So this program is just to encourage those office workers to “walk them” on the break and then these dogs could be adopted. (Via: Viral Nova)

Every day, these humans wasted hours sitting in a box…. not getting the love or attention they needed.


So these adoptable dogs took them for a walk.


And as a result? The humans saved these dogs… and the dogs saved the humans.





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