27 Dorky Animal Faces That Will Surely Lighten Your Day

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Animals are admitted to be cute and adorable creatures in the world, and their existence is also a fun to humans. Apart from their effortless grace and pure spirit, we’ll never understand what’s in their little heads, especially when they are in front of the photo cameras. These are 27 animals photos of wired expressions. They may simply shake their heads, beg for food, or just say “hello” to you, but you may never know their true intentions.

source: oddculture

source: imgur

source: fotozup


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source: funnypica

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15.) Pug life.

source: dailydawdle

source: sadanduseless

source: holytaco

source: cutenessbuddy

source: sadanduseless

source: Mandy Frediani

source: sadanduseless

source: theberry

source: sadanduseless

source:  imgur

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source: holytaco

source: holytaco

source: imgur

source: Kristin Repsher

souce:  imgur

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