Heartbreaking Moment: A Macaque Monkey Mother Was Spotted Carrying Her Dead Newborn Baby In Sorrow

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This happened at Tangkoko Nature Reserve and National Park in Sulawesi, Indonesia. A female macaque monkey cradled her dead baby in her arms, she is in so much pain and grief that she spent days carrying around the tiny newborn. I think no words could be used to describe these pictures. It’s just so sad. Seeing the look on this mother’s face, we know that she is grief-stricken. She is not some “dumbanimals, she is a mother, suffer so much from losing her precious baby.

The photographer who caught this moment said that it was “very hard to watch”


We can see from the footage that the female macaque spending days looking after her baby, who passed away just a few weeks after its birth. This is just so sad and I don’t know how to describe this tragic moment.

The mother pressed her child tightly against her chest, while gazing mournfully at it.


‘You realize there’s so little difference between us and them when you see that kind of behavior.’ Says Mr.Walmsley, who first spotted the grief-stricken mother. It’s a mother who has lost her child, I think it is really irrelevant what species it is

She even fended off a male macaque who tried to reach out and touch the baby


We can see from the picture that she is baring her sharp teeth at a male who tried to reach out and touch the baby. This is almost human, isn’t it? All we can do is to hope that no one ever suffers like this again.

Occasionally she would actually hug him, groom him slowly then return to cradling him between her legs


Look at the look on her face. She is in so much pain, and she is grieving. She just sat there alone, looking down at her baby, hoping that he might wake up.

The main threat to the species is from humans hunting them for bush meat, which is considered a delicacy in Indonesia for special events such as Christmas and Easter. After seeing this, I cannot imagine anyone could ever want to hurt them. They also have thoughts, souls, they are just like us human beings.

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