What Could Hay Bales Be? The Answer Is More Awesome Than Your Thoughts.

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The concept of environmentally-friendly residence is quite popular nowadays, but people who actually put this idea into practice are very little. The architects at Ensamble Studio are part of them. Using their bright minds, these architects created a tiny home, rustic but modern.

The material for this lovely house is hay bales, something you may find unbelievable for construction.  They stacked the hay bales together and covered it in concrete. Then they buried it in soil and waited for it to be hardened. Once the material is cured, the exhumed the shape and sliced open it. The next part is the most amazing part: they allow a cow, Paulina, to eat away all of the hay inside of the house, left her a unique and comfortable inner space. This endless process took her more than one year, but take a look at these photos, you will understand that it’s definitely worth the waiting.

Source: Ensamble Studio / ignant.de Via: viralnova



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