What Happened To The Family And Their Missing Water? The Whole Story Is Funny And Adorable.

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A family in Colorado has kept missing their water in the barrel they’ve kept in the backyard. They absolutely have no idea since they didn’t use it up and a barrel of water cannot all evaporate in one day. in order to figure out why, they decided to set up a camera to record what was going on. And the result shocked them. But still, they felt loving too.

Still the barrel is full of water.

Nothing yet.

Oh, I guess the hero comes—a bear. He’s been checking things out.

Oh, here comes a bear to check things out. It must be curious about where all of the water has been going too.

Aha, he’s been thirsty, obviously. And can he drink it all?

What?! That bear's been drinking it all?

What?! Wait, what’s he doing?

Wait--the bear hasn't been drinking the water.

He’s taking a bath!

It's been bathing in it!

Wow, now I’ve figured out why the water disappeared so soon. Wait, can’t you just not being so wasty?

Hey, be careful! You're going to waste all of the water splashing around like that!

He looks like so relaxed taking the bath!

Aww! Okay, go ahead.

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