Gorgeously Stunning Landscape Photographs By Kilian Schönberger, Wow, I Wish I Were As Talented As He Is!

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Kilian Schönberger must be a travel lover and a total photo fag, his photos are really impressive, from his pictures we can see some very fascinating views, his perspective is unique amazing! And all these pictures are very powerful!

1. Between Autumn and Winter

Between Autumn and Winter

2. Blue Pool Sunset

Blue Pool Sunset

3. Burning Heaven

Burning Heaven

4. Calm Morning

Calm Morning

5. Cherry Bloom

Cherry Bloom

6. Dancing Trees

Dancing Trees

7. Dark Sanctuary

Dark Sanctuary

8. Divine Light

Divine Light

9. First Glow

First Glow

10. Growth


11. Hidden Bridge

Hidden Bridge

12. Hobbits


13. Holy Place

Holy Place

14. Iconic Mountains

Iconic Mountains

15. Incoming Storm

Incoming Storm

16. Last Forest Island

Last Forest Island

17. Lightshow


18. Magical Hallerbos

Magical Hallerbos

19. Morning Mirror

Morning Mirror

20. Nightfall


21. Parallel


22. Peaceful Evening

Peaceful Evening

23. Rainflower


24. Scotland

Scotland - Classic One

25. Snow Dunes

Snow Dunes

26. Sunlit Highlands

Sunlit Highlands

27. The Dark Ruin

The Dark Ruin

28. The Last Forest

The Last Forest

29. The Mad King’s Castle

The Mad King's Castle

30. The Old Mill

The Old Mill

31. The Shire

The Shire

32. Way to Paradise

Way to Paradise

33. Wooden Cathedral

Wooden Cathedral



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