Fascinating Pictures By Photojournalist Sebastião Salgado

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Sebastião Salgado is a well-known photojournalist, one of the most outstanding and respected man today. He has travelled in over 100 countries for his photographic project. Below is some of his marvelous works of art.

“I hope that the person who visits my exhibitions, and the person who comes out, are not quite the same, I believe that the average person can help a lot, not by giving material goods but by participating, by being part of the discussion, by being truly concerned about what is going on in the world.” – says the photographer.

Source: amazonasimages Via:  boredpanda

A pair of Southern Elephant Seal calves, South Georgia (2009)

Greater Burhan Oil Field, Kuwait (1991)

The Mursi and the Surma women in Ethiopia are the last women in the world to wear lip plates. It’s unclear precisely why or how this custom evolved, but it is a mark of women of high birth (2007)

Churchgate Station, Western Railroad Line, Bombay, India (1995)

Colony of chinstrap penguins Mount Michael, active volcano in South Sandwich Islands (2009)

Korem camp, Ethiopia (1984)

Penguins on icebergs between the Zavodovski and Visokoi islands in the South Sandwich Islands, near Antarctica (2009)

The vast tail of a Southern right whale near Argentina (2004)

Waura Indians fish in the Puilanga Lake near their village in the Upper Xingu region of Brazil’s Mato Grosso state (2005)

The Nenet people, living deep within the Yamal peninsula in Siberia, inside the Arctic Circle (2011)

Two black-browed albatrosses nestle while overlooking the Willis Islands near South Georgia, in the far South Atlantic (2009)

The mosque of Istiqlal, Jakarta, Indonesia (1996)

Papua New Guinea (2008)

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in northeastern Alaska (2009)

Zo’e women in State of Para, Brazil (2009)

Alaska (2009)

Nenets of the Siberian Arctic, Russia (2011)

Marine iguana in Galápagos Islands, Ecuador (2005)



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