These Eye-poping Photos Tell You How Gifted Those Carrying Heavy Loads

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Floriane de Lassée, a 37-year-old French photographer has taken a series of photos showing people who can carry loads on their heads. Those talented people includes the children, adults even the old man. She has travelled through 15 regions within seven countries to finish her great project –How much can you carry. These photos seem to give a new expression of the word “headstrong” and the photographer told us the people she has pictured show their pride in carrying the heavy loads. Let us appreciate their great power. (Via: Daily Mail )

#1 This great mother loves her kid so much!

An Indonesian woman balances a huge blue sack on her head as a child sits on top
Daily mail

#2 Cuties, you did a good teamwork

A young girl takes the strain as she carries three children on her shoulders under a basketball hoop in her native Nepal
Daily mail

#3 Does this Brazil football woman really need a bag of balls?

A footballer from Brazil concentrates while balancing a bag of balls
Daily mail

#4 This Ethiopia boy seems to unbothered by huge bundle of water bottles

Balancing act: A child rom Teckle in Ethiopia appears untroubled by the huge bundle of water bottles he is carrying on his head
Daily mail

#5 How happy this woman loading a pile of red cushions!

A woman from Hyatt in Ethiopia smiles as she balances a pile of red cushions
Daily mail

#6 This tribesman balances a box, crate ,mental pot and a plant

A tribesman from Gale in Ethiopia holds a rifle between his knees and balances a microwave box, Coca Cola crate, metal pot and a plant on his head
Daily mail

#7 The baby goat may jump down? too heavy for the Ethiopia girl

In another picture, a young girl from Aru in Ethiopia balances three large bundles of wood with a baby goat perched on top
Daily mail

#8 Four large suitcases standing on this frightening Rwandan man

Headstrong: A man shifts his body around as he carries four large suitcases on his head
Daily mail

#9 One hand is also for this Bolivia woman to survive?

A woman named Jessica from Bolivia uses a hand to steady a heavy load of tools and brushes
Daily mail

#10 This Nepal young man is a lover of bamboos

A young man from Nepal uses a head strap to carry foliage while carrying a bundle of sticks with his hands
Daily mail

#11 Shouldn’t we respect such a powerful elderly Indian woman?

An elderly woman from India uses a small orange cushion to help her balance a large wooden structure on her head
Daily mail

#12 Uhh….this woman carrying bags of clothes is smiling strangely

The 37-year-old photographer pictured 70 people including a Bolivian girl balancing bags of clothes on her head
Daily mail



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