Don’t Say That You Know Google Until You’re Aware Of These 5 Facts About It.

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Our lives cannot make it out without Google actually, even in just one second. That all-powerful, all-mighty, all-known search engine has immersed into our lives that nobody can even imagine what life will be without it. But even we use google every day, even you claim that you know the facts about google offices all around the world, you’re still not into google until you realize these 5 facts about it.

1. If a Google employee dies, his or her spouse gets half pay for 10 years.


2. The Google logo wasn’t even centered on the page until 2001.


The iconic Google homepage has gone through many iterations over the years. Its sparse design was due in part because the founders didn’t know HTML.

3. In 2013, Google suffered a blackout that took down all of its services for five minutes.


This resulted in an estimated 40% drop in global Internet traffic.

4. Employees at Google are called Googlers, and new employees at Google are called Nooglers.


Google’s Nooglers are always good at using their noodle.

5. 15% of Google searches each day have never been searched before.


Pat yourself on the back, because you’re special.

Source: mashable



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