Creative New Condoms By Max Wright

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Slogans of famous brands could be set whole new meanings on condoms. Now we want to show you one really cool and awesome idea of Max Wright, an artist from Los Angeles. Max takes slogans of famous brands like Pringles, Nike or McDonald’s and then applies them on condom packages.

Have you ever imagine what it would be like if McDonald’s slogan was put on condom packages? “I’m lovin’ it”…pretty cool, right? It could be subtle, but I think smart as you are, you will totally get it!

KFC Condoms

adidas Condoms

Burger King Condoms

energirer Condoms

 Xbox Live Condoms

In-n-out Condoms

Nike Condoms

mcdonalds Condoms

Pringles Condoms

Pokemon Condoms

Gatorade Condoms

 Monster Condoms

the home depotCondoms

lucky charms Condoms

M&M Condoms

pokemon Condom

pop rocxs Condoms

skittles Condoms

Source: tumblr



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