Here Are Some Crazy Parents That Would Get Into Serious Troubles If They Still Do These Things Today!

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You know how we always say our parents are crazy? Well, it turns out they are. What they did in these photos below could get them into serious troubles if this were happened today. Did your parents ever done something this crazy to you?

1. They let us smoke

2. …and drink

3. Real lion as our pets. Though, this sounded cool.


4. This car seat was way tooooo casual!

5. And sometimes a safety belt was considered safe.

6. Cribs were filled with every flammable object

7. And a gigantic bear that left no room for us.


8. Straps were not used correctly

9. They did not use helmets or bike straps

10. …While we were naked.


11. Introducing solids with pepperoni pizza

12. This stroller deserves Child Protective Services. 

13. And there were babies, laying on pillows, feeding themselves

14. Sitting next to dead animals and guns

15. Wearing dead animals

16. Everyone strapped in? No? Ok, let’s go!

17. It seems that they didn’t care if their fingers were burnt. 

18. Apple juice in bottles

19. They even allowed this.

20. Smoking while holding a baby

21. Walkers on wheels and free to roam down that staircase

22. Shhh, don’t wake the twins from their molded plastic car seats

23. Last but not least, mullets




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