You Complete Me — An Amazing Couple I Bet You’ve Never Seen

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While many husbands and wives are endlessly complaining about how boring and dull their marriage is and how they want to get rid of it, Ahmad and Fatima, a newly married couple, is putting all their efforts to cherish their love. Both of them are disabled. Ahmad lost the ability to use his arms and Fatima missed her legs. Nevertheless, this kind of tragedy makes their affection even more solid.

They have built a life with each other, splitting chores and family responsibilities. They help each other get ready: Fatima helps Ahmad with his hair while Ahmad can still help Fatima around the house. However, they don’t need each other for everything; apart, they are independent and strong; together, they complete each other and bring fun to their lives.

Fatima is washing dishes in the kitchen

Ahmad combs his hair by his foot

Fatima is helping Ahmad to tie his hair

Ahmad ironing clothes

Ahmed and Fatima watching television and eating Breakfast

Ahmad is washing his feet

Ahmad is brushing

Fatima spraying perfume on Ahmad’s clothes before going out of home

Fatima and Ahmed on their way to music and rehabilitation nursing sector workshops

Ahmed and his friend practicing a piece of music

Ahmad and Fatima help each other in home work

Ahmed and Fatima doing lunch

Ahmed and Fatima in chat and review their wedding pictures

The young and passionate Ahmad sometimes speaks with God in solitude

Fatima is listening to Ahmad’s lovely poem

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