Check Out These Hilarious Posts On Social Media. Some People Just Not For This!

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Seriously, they should be banned from not just social media but the whole Internet, and head back to school to learn some really stuff before they come back to this cruel world. (Via: Dose)

1. Apparently you should do some search before you decided to show your wisdom on social media 🙂

2. Just some basic geography here

3. I think you’ll get what you want

4. Yeah, nature rocks 

5. Just…wow

6. This actually makes some sense. 

7. People these days. 

8. I think the problem here is, how could anyone not like dolphins?

9. You know nothing. 

10. You are born this way, aren’t you?

11. You got me…

12. This is a magical world. 

13. Well…guess we know something new about this guy

14. Ah yes, the Rainforest Cat

15. Help! There needs a elementary teacher! 

16. Oh, is it just Canadians who think this?

17. Yeah…life is so damn crazy 

18. I don’t think he went there…

19. Not what Hitler looks like…

20. Ah yes, the great wall of Michigan



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