Cancered Dog Romeo Complete His Bucket List Before Dying

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Visiting the U.S., take a ride in a police car and have a cheeseburger—sound just like a bucket list for any 9-year-old child. Actually, that’s a bucket list for Romeo, a boxer dog diagnosed with inoperable bone cancer by vets. His owner Riina Coooke, determining to make the most of his few days, decided to compile his very own bucket list.

Having a great birthday party like every child does:


The last of Romeo’s adventure is to visit U.S.A.


Enjoy a glass of beer with dear daddy:


Find himself a Valentine:


Having nice food treats is also a necessity:


Don’t forget to take a bite of Japanese Sushi!


It’s super cool to take ride in a police car, right?


Life is unfair, but Romeo spent his last few days being loved.


He couldn’t be saved…


But he will be missed, ever and ever.


The full list is shown as below:

1. Trip to the first park where he had walkies

2. Have breakfast in bed with dad

3. Have his first beer with dad at the pub

4. Meet a celebrity

5. Watch a sunset

6. Candle lit massage from mum

7. Have a ride a fire engine

8. Have a ride a police car

9. Spend lots quality time with my family

10. Have a great birthday party

11. Help out at an animal shelter

12. Eat a McDonald’s cheese burger

13. Celebrate New Year in style

14. Enjoy a doggy ice cream

15. Have a steak dinner

16. Enjoy a full body massage

17. Get a pawicure

18. Go on a blind date

19. Eat some sushi

20. Find myself a Valentine

21. Have lots of doggy treats

22. Visit the USA

Find more about Romeo at here.

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