Camera Cafe Coming Out Of Dreams in Seoul

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If you are a shutterbug having deep love for cameras, Dreaming Camera Coffee Shop (Korean: 꿈꾸는 사진기) is definitely a place worth visiting for. It looks like a giant Rolleiflex camera and is located in Yangpyeong County, east of Seoul.

According to its owner, this coffee shop is a mom and pop coffee shop, built by a former air-force helicopter that has a passion for photography. He kept this dream of building a coffee shop for years and he finally made it come true when he build it right next to the bungalow he shared with his wife.

From the outside, it is a two-storey building with panoramic, round windows. The first floor is decorated with miniature cameras and there are a few real ones displayed as well. The second floor has a photo exhibition on display, where the patrons are encouraged to participate. For me the most attractive part is the graceful country view looking out the round windows, which makes it a great place to grab a cup of coffee.

For more charming pictures, you can check out its Facebook page or Dream Cafe’s blog.









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