This Beggar In China With ‘no Legs’ Suddenly Walks Away When Policeman Came To Help Him

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I’ve been told that this trick is popular among Chinese beggars, they pretend to have no legs or arms to make pedestrian feel bad for them, and maybe give them some money.

This man lay slumped on his front in Chengdu, in Sichuan Province, China, with his legs tucked under him, and his jeans stretched out to make it appear he had no legs. When a police officer came over to help him move, he could suddenly walk.

Chengdu is one of a number of cities where officials have tried to clamp down on begging. They have staged aggressive campaigns to restrict begging in central areas. And they has taken some actions to anti beggar.

1. Policeman ask him to move

beggar in China

2. And talked to him for a few minutes

beggar in China

3. Policeman tried to help him

beggar in China

4. Turns out, he’s only faking it

beggar in China

5. This beggar can walk.

beggar in China




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