A Photo of Sunset in Japan, in Return He Got a Photo of Sunrise in USA

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Living abroad can be a challenge especially when your hometown and your living place belong to two different culture origins. Homesick just happens everyday for an American living in Japan. One day he sent a photo of sunset in Japan to his parents, hoping them to share his life. And what he got 20 minutes later was unexpected. His parents sent him a picture of sunrise in Florida.

Sunset in Japan

Beautiful Sunset   in Japan (1)

Sunrise in Florida ( 20 minutes later )

Beautiful Sunset   in Japan (2)

No matter where you are, no matter how far you are from your family and friends, don’t forget that you are still looking at the same sun and moon, don’t forget that they are stilling loving you, as ever. Like the commercial video below shows, distance can never stop love.

Source: reddit



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