Father Baboon Rescue His Baby From Lions– Loving Moments.

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As endangered animals, Big Cats are in need of protection and publicity. Photographer Evan Schiller and his wife Lisa Holzwarth are big fans of Big Cats and they are using writing and photographs to raise people’s awareness about these animals.

Recently they have been experiencing a touchable moment during a game drive in the Northern Botswana’s Selinda area. They were taking photographs while a group of baboons approached and wanted to go through the bush. However, two lionesses were nearby. A brave baboon made an attempt to across the bush under the lionesses’ nose and he failed. After the baboon died, the photographers found that there was a baby baboon underneath the body.

They are nervously expecting that the lioness would take a bite of the baby baboon…But actually, they didn’t hurt him at all.

Baboon and Lions (1)

What the two lionesses did was observing the baby baboon with a curious look. They softly touched and examined him as if he’s their babies.

Baboon and Lions (2)

The baby baboon even tried to nozzle the lioness…I guess that’s because he didn’t know what they were…

Baboon and Lions (3)

Baboon and Lions (5)

Baboon and Lions (4)

After a while, some young male lions approached, and the lioness left the baboon behind to drive them away.

Baboon and Lions (6)

This scene gave the father baboon a chance to rescue his baby. He snatched the little one and brought him back to home. What a happy ending!

Baboon and Lions (8)

Baboon and Lions (7)

Source: National Geographic / Via: Viralnova



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