Awesome Expressive Portraits Of Dog By Elke Vogelsang, They Have So Many Faces!

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Gifted German-based pet portrait photographer Elke Vogelsang, she has a popular page on 500px her works are stunning, her photographs wonderfully show the different faces and personality of dogs of any breed. They are cute, sometimes may appeared to be fierce, but they are all real and very absurdly expressive, check this out!

1. Artist


2. Dr. Rabbit and Mrs. Hyde

Dr. Rabbit and Mrs. Hyde

3. Dreams


4. Fernyolee


5. Heisenberg


6. I’m on a hiiiighway to hell… hiiighway to hell…

I'm on a hiiiighway to hell... hiiighway to hell...

7. Kampfschmuser


8. Kiss


9. Magyar Vizsla

Magyar Vizsla

10. Neeever stopped me dreaming

Neeever stopped me dreaming

11. No cats beyond this point!

No cats beyond this point!

12. Pirate in Green

Pirate in Green

13. Romanticizing my dogs… me? Never!

Romanticizing my dogs... me, Never!

14. Suspicion of a smile

Suspicion of a smile

15. The Art of Begging

The Art of Begging

16. The game is back on

The game is back on

17. The guardian

The guardian

18. Twosome


19. Patriotic



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