Another Genius Again! This Chess-Lover Has Built A Vertical Chess Set On The Wall! This Is Really Amazing!

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Geniuses are among us! All those who admire DIYs are geniuses! This time see this man building a vertical chess set at home, making chess-playing really a funny thing. All this has spent him 100 dollars, and he said that if you changed the material, you could even do this for less than 50 dollars. I’m appreciating DIYs now. (Via: Imgur)

The Frame

Buy a painting from a thrift store that’s in a frame you like (color, design, size, and shape — it doesn’t have to be square). Take out and burn the painting, keep the frame. Then buy a piece of wood from Home Depot / Lowes / Etc. and get them to cut it to fit in the frame. You’ll also need to get wooden planks that are relatively light weight. Make sure they fit the width of the board — if it’s too short that’s bad, if too long, get them to cut it to the right size.

The Pieces

Getting nice wooden pieces — if you don’t have a store that sells these, you can find these on ebay/craigslist. Make sure the pieces you get fit according to the frame you buy (or buy the frame according to the pieces you get. Chess pieces sizes are given based on the king’s height. For example, if you have a board that’s 36″ tall, each square will be 4.5 inches (36inches/8squares). Make sure the King size is smaller than that, this time the size of the king is 4″.

Stain and Paint

Stain the the entire board to make the default white squares. Put painters tape in a checkerboard pattern (this will cover all the white squares and half of the dark squares. Make sure the bottom left square is dark (if you want a chess-accurate board). Push down on the edges of the tape well so you don’t get sloppy edges. Paint the dark color.

Half Painted

Once dried, remove the tape. This is what it’ll look like. Note some sloppy edges around the black squares.

Paint the other half

Put the tape in a checkerboard pattern again, this time covering the already painted dark squares and the white squares (or just be careful if you leave the white squares open).

Completed board

This what it should look like post painting. Note the blank white space at the bottom because the frame was a little too tall for the pieces, so a blank space was left and shorten the square a little.

Inside the frame

Just to see how it was looking.

The Planks

Using wood glue, glue on the planks. You can also stain/paint the planks before hand to make it look better.

Final Product

And this is how it came out.


And Mounted on the wall



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