8 Unbelievable Weather Phenomena

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Weather and sky are always fascinating as nature is the greatest artist. We are amazed by the beautiful sceneries brought by the creator and I bet that you will find these photographs below even more stunning—unusual weather which are really rare.

1. Tubular Clouds

There are various kinds of clouds which have different shapes and particular causes. Tubular clouds are one of them and actually, a pretty one. Tubular clouds have either similar sections of pipe or a lot of hanging balls. Its colors depend on the thickness of clouds—can be blue or grey.



And how do they form? The answer is clouds flat base. Warm moist air cools and come into little water droplets. These droplets grow and form an opaque cloud. Like any raised surface, tubular clouds particularly happens during the sunrise or sunset. It usually appears in tropical areas but can be also seen in more northern area.

2. White rainbow

White rainbow is a peculiar optical phenomenon in the atmosphere. As the name suggests, it looks like a white arc. With its neutral color, you can’t see it in the rain or during the fog.

The occurrence of this misty rainbow requires strict conditions. Droplets of water where the mist is formed must own a certain size—nearly 0.02 mm. And due to the diffraction of light spectrum, the uniform has a white color.


3. Catatumbo Lightning

Catatumbo lightning is a natural phenomenon which only occurs in the north-west of Venezuela. And this amazing lightning session lasts about 10 hours every time it happened.

Warm and moist air mass from the Caribbean combines with the cold air coming down from the Andes—that’s what results in eddies. The decaying marshes keep emitting methane gas, which improves the electrical conductivity of the cloud.

This amazing scene has been served as landmarks for a long time and the Venezuelan government is considering making the location a unique UNESCO World Heritage Site.


4. Moonbow

This fantastic view is much easier to see than the white rainbow. Its formation requires a number of elements: low full moon, dark sky, lights in front of a powerful waterfall or rain. However, with human eyes you can only see a lunar rainbow completely white due to its low brightness. Only by cameras shot at slow shutter speed can you see a rainbow colored already.


5. Coastal Cappuccino

When the sea turns into a lather, houses and chairs disappear suddenly appeared in the foam that slowly dissolves in the sand. This usually occurs in the south hemisphere. To foam in the seawater, there must be a large accumulation of algae and salt waste. They are like surfactants which reduce the surface tension at the interface between water and air.



6. Waterspout

Waterspouts usually occur under cloud above the water surface. It looks like small tornados and mainly consists of water droplets formed by condensation. Most of waterspouts are very weak and are caused by the collision of atmospheric dynamics.


7. Firestorm

This natural scene occurs only under very rare air conditions. Its formation needs hot, rising air interacting with the fire on the ground.


8. Volcanic lightning

Volcanic activity provides a breeding ground for spectacular places. A large amount of ejected volcanic dust and gas creates a dense stream of charged particles. This often leads to an electrostatic ionization, which brings a very powerful and frequent lightning.



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