7 World’s Biggest Babies Ever Born

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We all assume babies are tiny, their fingers are tiny, their toes are tiny, everything about babies should be tiny. But check out these biggest babies ever born, they are large!

And the supersize deliveries have increased along with rising rates of obesity, and the higher rates of gestational diabetes that come with delaying childbearing.And while everyone loves a chubby newborn, a baby who is too large at birth can face a constellation of health issues ranging from a difficult birth to an increased risk of obesity later in life. So you might want to control your weight during pregnancy. (via. NBCNEWS )

But despite of that, these babies still look cute!

1. Jasleen – Germany’s Largest Baby

Jasleen - Germany's Largest Baby

Baby girl Jasleen, born in Germany on July 29, weighed over 13 pounds at birth. Her mother had undiagnosed gestational diabetes.

2. Maxine Marin – Gave Birth to the Biggest Baby Girl in Spain

Maxine Marin - Gave Birth to the Biggest Baby Girl in Spain Maxine Marin - Gave Birth to the Biggest Baby Girl in Spain 2

Maria Lorena Marin, a hefty newborn weighing 13 pounds, 7 ounces is seen after her delivery at Hospital Marina Salud in Denia, eastern Spain, Wednesday.

3. Stephen Lyttle – Australia’s Largest Baby

Stephen Lyttle - Australia's Largest Baby

Stephen Lyttle, who tipped the scales at 7.399 kg (16 lbs 5 oz) when born at Kempsey Hospital on January 26, 1963, is Australia’s heaviest. The average weight of an Australian baby is 3.37 kg.

Today, he is 50 years old and stands a relatively regular 1.86 meters and weighs a proportionate 97 kg.

4. George King – UK’s Largest Baby

George King - UK's Largest Baby 1

George King - UK's Largest Baby 2

Andrew Cervantez was 24 inches long and 15lb, 2oz when he was born.

Mother Vanessa Cervantez, 28, said: ‘They had to double check because I didn’t believe them; I thought the machine was broken’.

Heaviest baby of 2013 weighed just 14lb but the world record is a child born over 23lb in 1879

5. 19.2 Pound Baby Born in Indonesia

19.2 Pound Baby Born in Indonesia

A four-day-old baby (C) weighing 8.7 kg (19.2 lb) sleeps between average-sized babies at the Abdul Manan General Hospital in Kisaran, Asahan regency, north Sumatra September 25, 2009. An Indonesian woman gave birth to the baby, whose weight is equal to the weight of an average year-old infant, by Caesarean section on September 21, local media reported.

6. JaMichael – Texas’ Largest Baby

JaMichael - Texas' Largest Baby 1

JaMichael - Texas' Largest Baby 2

He’s certainly made a big entrance into the world. At an amazing 16lb 1oz and two feet long, Ja Michael Brown looks more like a bouncing toddler than a newborn.

7.  Nadia Khalina – Siberia’s Largest Baby Girl

Nadia Khalina - Siberia's Largest Baby Girl

Nadia Khalina - Siberia's Largest Baby Girl 2

Baby girl Nadia (L), who weighed 7.75 kg (17.1 lbs) after birth, lies in a maternity ward in the Siberian city of Barnaul September 26, 2007. One Siberian mother has done more than her fair share to heal Russia’s dire population decline. Tatyana Khalina shocked her husband by giving birth to a 7.75 kg (17.1 lbs) baby girl this month, her 12th child.

7. Ademilton dos Santos – Brazil’s Largest Baby

Ademilton dos Santos - Brazil's Largest Baby

Ademilton dos Santos is the largest baby born at the Albert Sabin Maternity Hospital in north eastern Brazil in its 12-year history.

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