27 Coolest Inventions in History: Full of Imagination

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Living in the modern age, we’ll never imagine what the world was like in the past when the everyday stuffs we’re used to today were not invented then. However, some inventions did have been created to make them life easier but we cannot see them now, especially during the period between the two world wars. Here we collect 15 coolest inventions in the past. Some are really great, full of imagination, and some just seem weird. We’ll leave you to enjoy and comment, but don’t forget to share.

Source: imgur

One-wheel motorcycle, Germany, 1925

One-wheel motorcycle

Manual dredger

Manual dredger

Bike tyre used as a swimming aid

Bike tyre used as a swimming aid

Steam automobile design circa 1845

Steam automobile design circa 1845

Amphibious bicycle, Paris, 1932

Amphibious bicycle

All-terrain car, England, 1936.

All-terrain car

Radio stroller, USA, 1921.

Radio stroller

Wooden bathing suits, USA, 1929

Wooden bathing suits

Ice sailboat, January 17, 1600

Ice sailboat

Radio hat, 1931

Radio hat

Wetlands windmill

Wetlands windmill

Bulletproof glass, 1931

Bulletproof glass

Clap skate

Clap skate

Extensible caravan, 1934

Extensible caravan

Piano for the bedridden, Great Britain, 1935

Piano for the bedridden

Hamblin glasses for reading in bed, England, 1936

Hamblin glasses for reading in bed

Electrically heated jacket, United States, 1932

Electrically heated jacket

Loetafoon, 1929


Car with shovel for pedestrians , Paris, 1924

Car with shovel for pedestrians

Hearing light for the blind, 1912

Hearing light for the blind

Early GPS, 1932

Early GPS

Folding bridge for emergencies, Netherlands, 1926

Folding bridge for emergencies

Booted rubber boat, Netherlands, 1915

Booted rubber boat

Faxed newspaper, New York City, 1938

Faxed newspaper

Snowstorm mask, Canada, Montreal, 1939

Snowstorm mask

Gas-resistant stroller, England, Hextable, 1938

Gas-resistant stroller

Revolver camera, New York, 1938.

Revolver camera



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