25 Unusual And Amazing Bed Designs

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Bed is an indispensable part of our life. Almost every one of us needs to spend one third of our lives doing nothing but just sleeping, sleeping, and sleeping. What you need to be aware is that the bed you choose should not only bring you comforts, also it can add some fun when you sleep. But the case is that! You should learn to discover those creative and funny beds around you, which can make your life, your sleep more enjoyable! Here are some innovative and funny beds shared with you.

Via: Bored Panda

Vertical Bed

Ernesto Neto

Hamburger Bed

Kayla Kromer

Rocking Bed “Private Cloud”

Manuel Kloker

Giant Birdnest

Merav Eitan & Gaston Zahr

Book Bed


Geometric Bed


Trix Bed

Piero Lissoni

Hammock Bed “Le Beanock”

Le Beanock

Letto Zip


Feel The Deluxe


Magnetic Floating Bed

Janjaap Ruijssenaars

Concealed Bed


“The Fluttua” Floating Bed

Daniele Lago

Yin-Yang Bed

Alessio Pappa

Enignum Bed

Joseph Walch

Doc Sofa Bunk Bed


Sonic Bed

Kaffe Matthews

Sosia Bed

Emanuele Magini

Phat Knitt

Bauke Knottnerus

Cardboard Bed “Itbed”

IT Design

Giant Brush Bed


The Loft Bed

Fetal Position Bed

Contemporary Therapy Bed Design that Cures Insomnia

Mathieu Lehanneur

Wave Bed



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