The 12 year-old Girl Has 3ft 4in Dreadlock Is Like The Fairytale Rapunzel

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Katy White, a 4ft 11in schoolgirl has a length of 3ft 4in golden hair, hasn’t break the world record yet. The little girl has to spend an hour to wash her long hair and another hour to dry it .Due to her long hair, she becomes the fairytale Rapunzel. There is no doubt that the tiny pupil wins her fame on the internet. Moreover, a woman called Asha Mandela has 55ft long dreadlock. Now this girl is often interviewed and even hairdresser Lisa Bryan design hair style for her. ( via: Daily Mail )

Realife life Rapunzel: Katy White, aged 12, is 4ft 11in and her hair, which flows to the back of her knees, measures 3ft 4in

Great lengths: In her 12 year life, Katy, who wears her hair in a plait mostly, has only had her hair cut three times (apart from the time she cut her own fringe)

Lengthy process: On average, Katy's hair takes an hour to wash and just as long to dry but a local hairdresser, who measured it, said it's in great condition

Loves her locks: Despite having trouble with it when she practices sports, Katy says she can't imagine ever cutting her hair

Not quite long enough: Despite its head-turning capabilities, a spokesperson from the Guinness World Record said Katy's hair is not yet record-breaking

Showstopping: Lots of people apparently stop her to marvel at the length of her hair, which is almost the same height as her

All tied up: Having never officially had her hair measured, hairdresser Lisa Bryan from Bedazzled, in Ammanford, stepped forward to measure Katy's mane



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