Top 10 Dirtiest Celebrities

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Celebrities always look nice and tidy in public, but they may be much messy and dirty than many of us are in daily life!  some of us may skip a day or two of showering, or sometimes we are so tired from work that we forget to brush our teeth, but celebrities could be much much worse than this…they could wear the same jeans for months, never use deodorant, and scatter their food all around. Here are 10 dirtiest stars in Hollywood!

1.Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie


A housekeeper who used to work for this couple told Star magazine that they live like a couple of hobos. They scatter their food all around, do not bathe very often, crayon marks covers the walls from their children. And do you know that while on the set of Inglorious Bastards, Brad Pitt’s smell was so bad, that costar Eli Roth taught him how to wash up with baby wipes. I mean, seriously?

2. Cameron Diaz


I cannot believe that Cameron Diaz never wear deodorant for almost twenty years! God! And she was also declaring that a woman’s lady parts should not be groomed, because it’s natural. So, I guess we now know something about Cameron’s lady part…

3.Robert Pattinson


Robert pattinson is gorgeous, I think every girl agree with me! But once you know how he maintains his signature hair, you may never think his hair as stylish, his very own beauty secret is not washing it. He admitted to not washing his hair for six weeks in an interview with Extra. Now I can understand why crew members on the set of the Twilight films would said that he smelled so terrible.

4.Jessica Simpson


Isn’t she looks fabulous in this picture? But actually, she is very messy and leaves her clothes and hair extensions all around the house, and the worst part is, she does not brush her teeth very often!

5.Matthew McConaughey


Another celebrity that does not wear deodorant, for over 20 years! For god’s sake, do you never smell something?

6.Christina Aguilera


You know Christina has a song, and there are lyrics like this? “Wanna get dirty?” Yeah, that’s exactly what she does. Just remember, next time you meet her and want to shake hands with her, be sure that she did not just come out of a bathroom.

7.Anderson Cooper


This guy could wear the same pair of jeans for months, what more do I need to say?

8.Megan Fox


She looks foxy, but she doesn’t clean, and she forgets to flush the toilet and she leaves her clothes everywhere. God, why do sexy women like to do this to us!

9.Britney Spears


Actually, I am not surprised that Britney Spears got on the list, I mean, after what she have done over the years, being dirty is actually not that unacceptable for her!

10.Julia Roberts


WOW, never see this one coming! A former bodyguard of her revealed that Julia Roberts does not shower in days because she likes to save water, which is very green, and good for you, Julia! But seriously, you are the America’s sweetheart, you need to at least smell sweet you know?

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